by Tiegan

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"Gold" is my baby, my first full artwork embodied. It's titled "Gold" to represent the streets of heaven, but also abstractly painted to resemble amethyst and quartz, and as a whole displays itself as an offering of precious gems and metals. It is a treasure that I treasure closely, as it couldn't possibly be any more true to myself or my sound.


released March 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Tiegan California

bringing classy tunes from my heart straight to yours

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Track Name: Somewhere
Somewhere, someday
there'll be no more
no longer thirst
no longer
unending bliss
unending love
somewhere ahead,
instead of here
Track Name: Heavy Heart
Oh, what a heavy heart I'm bound
It weeps fresh blood and it wears me down
The slash of humanity pierces so deep
So devastating my body can't speak
Oh, what a heavy heart, I'm bound
Tender and fragile I fall to the ground
Only to find that's where I belong
As a heavy heart is a heart full of love
Track Name: Could You
If you could see it, would you run?
Black and blue and bloodied up
Could you embrace that?
All the others hold their heads
high and keep their hearts hidden
But no one else could love me like you
No one else could know me like you
Kiss all of my bruises, accept all the abused
Like you
Could you embrace that?
Or are you afraid of that?
Track Name: I Do Love
I remember when I fell
Warm and hazy, it was crazy
But what happened, I could not tell
Why you seemed to disappear
Oh I can't deny the one who saved my life
But oh, I am surprised
You left me here to die
You're alive deep inside my heart
But you broke it
I wanna love you, I do
Track Name: Treasure
Deep in the forest and down under the sea
Lives an answer waiting for you and me
The birds are calling, the trees are growing
There's something lurking behind the scenes
There's more than meets the eye in it for you and me
Track Name: No Longer
The fire's on, come on and sit
I've got you pillows and blankets
Keep yourself here
While I keep a heavy voice
Please come home, they said
Why don't you get over it?
I don't care, anywhere but there
I no longer take the hit
With tongue like icicles
Begin to melt through my skin
and now I'm cold, just like you
But I'll cut you with grace and truth
Track Name: Where You Find Me
Alone in the dark where you find me
Tiny and bare, wrapped in despair
Knocked out cold
Oh, love, can't you see I am poor in love
Alone and heavy you find me
In your arms I am home, in you arms I am whole
Knocked out cold
Oh, love, I've forgotten who I'm of
Here you find me
hollow and cold in binding
But then I am embraced in love
Warm and truthful, erased of
Washed in love
Cleansing fear with the depth of your embrace
Track Name: Gold
Lets us venture far away into a dream
Unbinding us from grief
Untie the knots, we're free
Tearless eyes, blinding lights, golden streets we find
Its beauty gleams
Fearless hearts, a brand new start