Friendly EP

by Tiegan

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This is the EP to "Gold."

To, about, because of, and for— my very very few true friends.


released September 23, 2013

Tidaldrift, artwork



all rights reserved


Tiegan California

bringing classy tunes from my heart straight to yours

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Track Name: Still Here
Water seems to fall in all the wrong places
and take away the thirst of all the other faces
It's getting pretty hot, and I'm all out of air
Give you all I've got and I'm still here

I've been here way too long
I've made my tattered bed
I've seen it all it seems, though I cannot see ahead
The sun it just won't stop, overbearing heat
and I can't even see what's right in front of me

I cannot do it on my own
You cannot do it on your own
Track Name: Unravel
Sinking deep into the earth
Feeling overwhelmed by dirt
It doesn't have to be this bad
Trying hard but still so far
If only you could see his heart
Then maybe you'd understand

Diving into the abyss
Trying to make sense of all of this
There are lights all around
Getting closer, getting closer, I can see you

It's so nice to see you unravel before me
After all, I love you
So dearly, divinely
Track Name: Instead
I wanna take care of you
I want to answer you
I wanna give you all your heart desires
But really it's not my place to feed you
It's selfish of me to keep you
Instead I should lead you

I couldn't quiet you if I tried
If I could, then I would die
I'm not the place to seek
I'm just like you, I'm weak

Fragile bones and tender skin
We all need someone to cradle us in