All in Me is Sound

by Tiegan

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released August 20, 2014

Thank you to Joseph for drumming, Luke for your wifi, and all the rest who keep your ears and hearts open to these sounds



all rights reserved


Tiegan California

bringing classy tunes from my heart straight to yours

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Track Name: Deeper Waters
Bring me to deeper waters
where I can no longer touch the bottom
I want to always be in need
and be in the wake of your lead

So take me to thicker forests
where I won't be able to forage
It's you that I need more of
Feed me only your love

Danger lurks my every move
and teases me with security
Despite your face and diamond ways
I'm still faced with uncertainty

So I need that evading ocean floor,
mirage in the desert, that messy drawer
an arm that's always in the air and dare not folded over
like I know what's where

Bring me to deeper waters
where I can no longer touch the bottom
You are an endless mystery,
an ocean I never want to leave
Track Name: Empty
You are a fountain I cannot absorb,
a water I can hardly drink
Miles of sand, you are the shore
in which I want to sink
To wade in you, I would surely drown
and if I was able to speak
The words would come like rain, and pour
and empty all of me
Track Name: All in Me is Sound
You move your hand and I melt
the sharpest corners dull
Like sunshine on a morning frost
and all of my heart is full

It only took time and willingness to wait
A heart in repetitious surrender
diffused all of my hate

And summer's weather is no match
for the warmth that I have found
In melted hallways of the past
all in me is sound
Track Name: Just the Same
I dismissed his hand
and he loved me just the same
I denied his plan
and he loved me still the same
I was trapped afraid
and he loved me just the same
Sad, still, and dismayed,
he loved me in all my pain
Then I was thrown away,
But he loved me just the same
and I was tempted to hate
But he loved me, still the same
And because he loves the same
I have walked out his name
walked out his love
walked out his pain
And still, in all my days,
not one ever loved, and loved me,
quite the same